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Description of fantastick art.

Fantastic symbolic art.

Fantastic here are meant as an associative, creative way to tell a story in pictures, this does not need to be based on facts, fantastick ureal stories are welcome.

I have chosen to call the cathegory fantastic, because the use of the word fantasy often also points to a certain style. Fantastic are here meant as a focus on the fantastic story or narrative.

Stricktly speaking the style here is also symbolic, since the stories are told with the use of concrete elements that has a certain symbolic.

The image above is an example of this.

The mood in the image is inspired by the universe created by Gabriel Gracia Marces and tells a story about a boy expected to behave as a small adult.

His clothes symbolises the exspectation of the adult, while some of the other elements tells a different story, that of play and childhood.

The rocking horse points to the play and the childhood, while the wheel and the seat that are a part of the adult world

but it can also point to the world of the child, when children plays different elements of the adult life.

In this image of a woman, the symbols are bones, lizzards, clowns and a jellyfish,

have been used to describe or illustrate the womans mind, world and/or history as something exotic, rich and surpricing.

while elements like flowers and plates are more common to expect, but also elements that i combination with the others more fantastic,

forms a tension between the crooked and the normal.

In this picture you can see a man or a boy laying on a field dreaming, while the sky and th rest of the landscape referes to the legends of the past.

There are references to figures of Freja and Thor, the old Gods of the North.

In the picture there is a heaven dog, which are a sort of link between worlds,

this world, the heaven or the previous generations history.


Fantastic or narrative painting style.

In the Danish description, I have charachterised this style as "fabulerende" which points to the free fantasive stories or narratives, it is however not an official art style, eventhough it have been used from time to time, fantastic is wider acknowledged. The fantastic art style are a very broad label of art styles based on imagination.

I have chosen fantastic as a label over fantasy, because fantasy are often related to a certain art style and universe, which I do not think that this corresponds with

Description of fantasize: Fantasize.

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Symbolism or symbolistic art:

I have chosen to focus on symbolism as a way to communicate visualy, not as a way to charactherize the style, since symbolic art are very different from the style I have worked towards, as well as it belongs in a different time.

Symbolism here, is about visual communication or communication by the use of symbols.

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The original meaning of symbolism as a style, in art: Symbolism in art.